After having taught Band and Classroom Music for over 30 years, Paul Batiste knows that the violence is challenging and painful for many people. This song is dedicated to the memory of the fallen youth. all rights reserved - Artang Publishing LLC written, performed and arranged by Paul A. Batiste

Chapter four

Viettnam era veteran

Band leader

When I returned from the military, my Mom asked me to manage the Gladiators.  It was because I always listened to what my mother said that I started to manage the band, and not some selfish reason or desire to be in charge.  If Mom said it, I did it.  She always managed our affairs to keep us safe.  My Mom was the classic Mom.  She kept an eye on everything we did.  When we played the “Whitey’s-Devil’s Den” on Banks, Mom spoke to the Club owner and inquired what took place the nights we played.  The Club owner told her what he thought of me, so I started booking and continued to direct and arrange the music.  Some of the things I did was buy sound equipment, a van for transportation and use my apartment to rehearse.  Before the seventies, equipment was small.  I could remember doing a gig with one Sears Silvertone amplifier for everything including the microphone, keyboard, bass and Silvertone lead guitar.   Also, by the time I returned, the band didn’t have a horn section.  

    Times were changing and rhythm sections were becoming popular.  Music was ever evolving and now we would require a large Public Address System.  We were one of the first to buy a JBL system with eighteen inch woofers with horns, tweeters and mid range speakers.  This was because we had my brother—Michael—who studies electronics.  I delegated authority to members of the family.  I looked at what each member did well and gave them an assignment.  David was good with the microphone, so I made him the spokes person.  Later, when Peter would join the band, I worked with him on the band account.  Everyone was good at something.  To improve our vocals, I hired vocalist.  The female vocalist was a good addition to the band for the sound I was trying to develop.  I wanted a group sound.  In the sixties and seventies self contained groups were not the norm.  One of the first groups that sang and played the instrument at the same time was the Beatles.  The group from England took America by storm.  

    It was a long hot summer and we weren’t gigging often, so I came up with an idea for a festival at Lee’s Gap.  In Little Farms

“   Fort Sheridan was Fifth Army Headquarters, and it was home of retired military officers.  Therefore, it was good duty.  There were ceremonies and activities for the officers.  On occasion, I would have duty to fire the 150 cannon shot as a solute.  It was fun.  I enjoyed being stationed there because the military takes care of its officers.  In addition, we played flag football on base.  In a game against Garrison, I scored the winning touchdown and pulled a hamstring muscle in the process.  The game made the Army’s newspaper. 

    Garrison was the company that did all the difficult work on post.  Construction, cutting the grass, building the roads and other details were handled by Garrison Company.  Unfortunately, someone was accused of an attempt to burn down a barracks in the 204th Military Police Company.  I was sleeping in the barracks and woke up to a commotion outside.  It was discovered that mortar top cocktails were in a bush near the barracks to be thrown at our barracks.  Luckily, they were discovered before they were used.  

    The late sixties and early seventies were times of protesting the war in Vietnam.  Accordingly, the military police company would be called to[…]”

Excerpt From: Paul A. Batiste. “(Gon' be Dat) New Orleans Music-Memoirs of PAB.” iBooks. 






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I have seven uncles, and my dad played bass, they had a band together, that was the family band. And of course as the cousins got older, including myself, we joined a family band. All the cousins played. That's my heritage.


Don’t be misled by a water down or diluted version of the real thing. 
“Batiste Brothers Band® / “The Batiste Family®” has given you the goodwill and integrity at Jazz Fest and abroad since 1978.  But most of you called us Batiste Fathers, Sons, Nephews, Friends and the likes.  However, we are the Batiste trade name, and that comes with respect for the audience.  We would never try to mislead you.  You can have confidence that we will always have you in mind first.

What do you get with 25 musical Batistes? 'A captive audience'

Chelsea Brasted, | The Times-PicayuneBy Chelsea Brasted, | The Times-Picayune 
Email the author | Follow on Twitter 
on October 04, 2016 at 8:00 AM, updated October 04, 2016 at 8:03 AM

Ask Paul Batiste how many people in his family play music, he's soon exhausted counting all 10 toes and all 10 fingers. Eventually, the number sounds something like two dozen.

"If I round it off between people I forgot, 25," he laughs. "The youngest baby is my heart ... and everybody's saying he's got music in him." 

All the Batistes, really, have music in them. The family, which comprises enough players and singers to have millions of possibilities for combinations of the Batiste Brothers Band, is responsible for raising artists like Jonathan Batiste, Jamal Batiste, David Batiste, Russell Batiste Jr. and Damon Batiste. Look further into the family tree, and they're also connected to others who came before, "Uncle" Lionel Batiste, Milton Batiste of the Olympia Brass Band and the family of Harold Battiste. 

New Orleans Musical Families

New Orleans Musical Families

See photos of New Orleans' musical families, and watch them perform together.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Jonathan Batiste, who serves as the bandleader on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," talked about his sizable musical family. 

"I have over 30 cousins that play," he said.

Paul Batiste, though, who operates as an unofficial historian for the family and who co-published a book about the same, has a theory as to how all that talent could come from one bloodline. 

"I've thought about that a lot of times, because I know this is the reason: Captive audience," he laughs. "It's that simple."

Growing up "two people shy of a baseball team," Batiste and his six brothers were hearing their parents play music before they could sit at a piano or a set of drums themselves. His parents, Estella and Jean Batiste, met in New York but moved to New Orleans, where they owned a grocery store and a hardware store in the Ninth Ward. They bought the children their first instruments and, with neighbors who were likewise capable of playing, the Batiste boys were quickly indoctrinated into the New Orleans music scene. Four of them went on to become professional musicians.

"I used to get a call from Mom everyday, so we were constantly talking. ... Every Thanksgiving, we had seven boys there. If someone was in the military, they'd have to fly in," explains Batiste. "It provides a sort of energy." 

Now, with new generations of Batistes, the family has grown exponentially, and family reunions are often spent making music. Performances themselves are reunions, whether they're at the Kids Tent at Jazz Fest or out-of-town spreading New Orleans music. 



The Batiste Family Late Night President Clinton

Lee's Song by Batiste Brothers Band Written by Paul Batiste
All Rights Reserved       

Robin Thicke & Pharrell Lose First Fight Against Marvin Gaye's Family


By Eriq Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter | October 30, 2014 2:53 PM EDTpastedGraphic.pdf

A California judge rules that Marvin Gaye's family has made a sufficient showing that elements of "Blurred Lines" may be substantially similar to "Got to Give It Up."

In a ruling that could set up one of the biggest trials ever over alleged song theft, U.S. District Judge John Kronstadt on Thursday denied Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke's motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit that explores the origins of the blockbuster hit "Blurred Lines."

The two musicians filed a lawsuit in September 2014 after receiving threats from Marvin Gaye's family, who contend the song is a knock-off of "Got to Give It Up." The lawsuit sought declaratory relief that "Blurred Lines" was non-infringing, painting the defendant as attempting to claim ownership of an entire genre. That led to a countersuit where the Gaye camp asserted that the song was indeed infringing, that Thicke had a "Marvin Gaye fixation," and that he had also stolen a second song, "Love After War" from Gaye's "After the Dance."

Both sides trotted out musicologists and mash-ups, debated the nuances of copyright law and even addressed Thicke's wild deposition comments admitting drug abuse and lying to the media.

The end result is Judge Kronstadt's conclusion that the case shouldn't end now.

The Gaye family, he writes, "have made a sufficient showing that elements of 'Blurred Lines' may be substantially similar to protected, original elements of 'Got to Give It Up.' Defendants have identified these with particularity for purposes of analytic dissection."

Specifically, the judge points to genuine issues of material fact existing as to the substantial similarity of signature phrases, hooks, bass lines, keyboard chords, harmonic structures and vocal melodies of the two songs. The judge also writes that the Gaye family has offered sufficient evidence to create triable issues about whether their 11-note signature phrase, four-note hook, four-bar bass line, 16-bar harmonic structure and four-note vocal melody are protectable expressions.

The judge also refuses to allow Williams and Thicke to win at this juncture on claims tied to "Love After War."

The ruling isn't a complete loss for the singer and his producer.


  1. Paula Patton Files for Divorce From Robin Thicke
  2. Is It Still Possible To Enjoy Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'?
  3. Robin Thicke Responds to 'Blurred Lines' Deposition

There was much controversy between the two sides as to whether Gaye's copyrights are limited to sheet music compositions or whether they extend to features heard on the "Got to Give It Up" sound recording. For the purposes of the analysis, the judge looks to the 1909 Copyright Act, which would have given the Gaye family the right to include more than just the sheet music if the work was published with proper notices or part of necessary deposits at the Copyright Office. The judge concludes that the Gaye family hasn't sufficiently shown it did either, and thus, they "have failed to produce evidence that creates a genuine issue as to whether the copyrights in 'Got to Give It Up' and 'After the Dance' encompass material other than that reflected in the lead sheets deposited with the Copyright Office."

As a result, the analysis of whether Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is substantially similar to Gaye's "Got to Give It Up" won't examine such things as the congruence of percussive choices or backup vocals, though there may or may not be some trial attention on such features in the intrinsic analysis (the judgment of an ordinary person). That issue seems likely to come up again given the reactions by the lawyers provided below.

Judge Kronstadt also addresses Thicke's deposition comments, where he admitted that he had lied to the media about going into the studio with Marvin Gaye in mind and that in fact he didn't have much to do with the creation of "Blurred Lines." This came up because copyright law has a concept called the "inverse-ratio rule" where lots of access to a song necessitates less proof of similarity. The judge writes that "Thicke’s inconsistent statements do not constitute direct evidence of copying," though that hardly helps him today because Marvin Gaye is nearly universally known and Williams and Thicke "concede access," basically meaning they've at least heard Gaye's 1977 hit.

A trial is currently scheduled for February 10, 2015.

Howard King, attorney for the plaintiffs, had this comment about the ruling: "The ruling is not surprising given the extraordinary difficulty in prevailing at the summary judgment stage, especially where each side offers conflicting opinions from multiple musicologists. Although our musicologist, Sandy Wilbur, correctly testified that there are no two consecutive notes in the two songs that have the same pitch, the same duration, and the same placement in the measure, the Judge concluded that sufficient disagreement about other elements of the compositions warranted denial of the motion. We are gratified that the ruling significantly limits the issues going forward by finding that the Gaye’s cannot assert any infringement claim for elements not included in the sheet music deposited with the copyright office, which effectively eliminates 5 of their 8 claimed similarities. The jury will now decide this case on the merits, limited to what is in the written composition, without being influenced by the sound recordings. Since the compositions at issue are completely different, we remain confident of prevailing at trial."

Richard Busch, attorney for the defendants, had this to say: "We believe the evidence of copying of Marvin Gaye's legendary work Got To Give It Up is overwhelming and now look forward to trying the case. We also disagree with Mr. King's assessment that the Court ruled that there will be any limitation on what the jury considers at the trial, which involves a different analysis than what the Court analyzes on a motion for summary judgment."

  "WORLD OF BLUES" written by Paul Batiste

Students from Batiste Cultural Arts Academy,a charter school that will change names next week, play some of the new instruments they received thanks to a $25,000 donation from Fidelity Investments and the Fidelity FutureStage arts education program in 2010. (The Times-Picayune archive)
Danielle Dreilinger, | The Times-PicayuneBy Danielle Dreilinger, | The Times-Picayune 
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on May 23, 2013 at 5:06 PM, updated May 23, 2013 at 5:19 PM

Batiste Cultural Arts Academy will change its name to ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy on Wednesday, the chief executive of the ReNEW charter school network said. ReNEW runs fiveNew Orleans charters in the Recovery School District.

Announcements had appeared on Facebook and several websites that the Irish Channel school not only was leaving the ReNEW network but also was moving to the campus of Coghill, a recently chartered elementary in Gentilly, with directions for people to call or email Paul Batiste, a member of the famed musician family, for information. But ReNew CEO Gary Robichaux on Thursday described the situation as a tussle over naming rights, saying Paul Batiste's attorney called about a month ago to demand $200,000 in exchange for the Batiste name.

Robichaux declined. "We can't use state taxpayers' dollars to honor someone on the side of a building," he said.

The ReNew network had in fact already received permission from the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to change the school's name in an effort to unify names across the network, Robichaux said. The arts-integrated curriculum will remain the same, and Damon and David Batiste still work for ReNEW. Paul Batiste left ReNEW's employ around October 2012, Robichaux said.

David Batiste said he had retained a lawyer to challenge Paul for the rights to use the family name. Neither Paul Batiste nor the staff at Coghill immediately responded to requests for comment.




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Jazz band leader files $100m lawsuit against rap stars over 'illegal sampling'New Orleans musician Paul Batiste accuses artists including T-Pain, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled of stealing his band's musicOn the rights track … T-Pain, one of the defendants named in Paul Batiste's suit. Photograph: Michael Caulfield/Getty Images North AmericaThe leader of a New Orleans  band has filed a $100m (£64m) lawsuit against some of 's biggest names, accusing T-Pain, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled of illegally sampling their music. Paul Batiste alleges that the rappers and their labels "wrongfully copied nearly every song" in the 's decades-old catalogue.jazzrapBatiste Brothers BandLawyers for Batiste filed his lawsuit in US district court last week. Court papers also named the rappers Ace Hood and Pitbull, as well as almost every major  label and publishing company, including Cash Money, Fueled By Ramen, RCA Records, Universal, Sony/ATV, Def Jam, Zomba, WB Music and EMI Blackwood. According to documents obtained , the defendants "have released an immense number of songs infringing upon [Batiste's] catalogue … poach[ing] beats, lyrics, melodies and chords".hip-hopby AllHipHopFounded in 1976, the Batiste Brothers Band describe themselves as "a major influence on the current New Orleans jazz scene". Certainly the Batistes are one of Louisiana's most important musical families, and  one of the state's  bore the Batiste name. Batiste siblings and children have had connections to groups including the Meters, David and the Gladiators, George Clinton, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Wynton Marsalis and Prince.until recentlytop arts schoolsIn addition to copying musical content, some defendants even stole song titles, claim lawyers for Paul Batiste: four rap songs, Freeze, Download, Overtime, and Boom, "have the same or nearly identical titles to [Batiste]'s songs, Freeze, Download My Love, Overtime and Bam There You Have It". And because many of the allegedly infringing songs have been released several times, Batiste's complaints begin to balloon: "Each release constitutes an independent act or acts of infringement." Hence the $100m in damages.Because there isn't much Batiste Brothers Band music available online, it's difficult to get a quick sense of the legitimacy of the group's complaint. But  to Batiste's synthy 1999 song Sportsman's Paradise does indicate a certain similarity to the 2008 T-Pain single .a short listenFreezeOver the past 25 years Batiste has already fought several lawsuits concerning the unauthorised sampling of his compositions, including litigation against PM Dawn, Miller Beer and the Rebirth Brass Band, all of which were settled out of court. "Lawsuits are not fun," he wrote on his website. "The litigations took a toll and frustrated our efforts to grow in the music industry … They take up all your time and the results are sometimes little, but we had no choice but to claim what is ours."The defendants have yet to issue a statement on this case.

Mrs. Obama tells New Orleans students to 'dream big'

Bruce Alpert, | Times-PicayuneBy Bruce Alpert, | Times-Picayune 
on February 13, 2013 at 2:38 PM, updated February 13, 2013 at 3:41 PM

WASHINGTON - "Dream big. Don't aim low, aim high."  That was the message First Lady Michelle Obama delivered Wednesday to 80 Middle School students, including 22 from New Orleans. "You have to prepare your minds and your bodies for greatness," Mrs. Obama said at the ornate State Dining Room at the White House. 

12152011-family-portrait-high-res.jpgMichelle Obama and family (White House photo) 

For now, she told the students, their main job, as she regularly reminds her two daughters, "is to go to school, do your homework everyday."

The New Orleans contingent was from Batiste Cultural Arts Academy, one of eight schools nationally chosen for a two-year federal Turnaround Arts program designed to show how involvement in the arts can boost grades, graduation rates and civil engagement.

The First Lady told the students that in addition to working hard at school, they need to read everything "you can get your hands on."

"That's one of the things that President Obama does - he reads everything. He reads all the time. You have to read, read, and read again," Mrs. Obama said.

The First Lady told the students if they work hard, and get a little encouragement along the way, they will have great opportunities.

"The truth is that I know that I wouldn't be where I am today, and I know that my husband, President Obama, wouldn't be where he is today if he hadn't gotten that kind of inspiration from somebody in our lives. We wouldn't be who we are today without all these people who pushed us and believed in us and gave us opportunities to learn and grow and fulfill our potential. We wouldn't be here."

The students watched the Academy Award nominated film, "Beasts of the Southern Wild," and Mrs. Obama signaled how she'd vote if given the chance. The inspiring story of how a six-year-old girl helped her family overcome tremendous obstacles in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is one of the "most powerful and most important" films in a long time, Mrs. Obama said.

"It shows us the strength of our communities, no matter what they look like," Mrs. Obama said. "It shows us that these communities can give us the power to overcome any kind of obstacles. And it also tells a compelling story of poverty and devastation, but also of hope and love in the midst of some great challenges."

The cast and crew later participated in a q and a with the students and Rachel Goslins, the director of the President's Committee on the Arts.

The Batiste students were excited about the chance to meet Mrs. Obama, as well as the star of the inspirational movie, Quvenzhane Wallis, who plays six-year-old Hushpuppy. Hushpuppy, the movie's heroine.


"It was great," said Gary Robichaux, executive director of the charter management organization, ReNew, which operates Batiste. "We got to meet with the First Lady. We just watched the president land in his helicopter from his trip (to North Carolina). And we even got to see Bo (the Obama's dog) play on the front lawn of the White House. Very cool."

The students were excited.

"I know New Orleans has a lot of negative things going on, and this is a chance to see something positive," said Algernon Jacques, 12, a 7th grader.

Algernon got the advice from Mrs. Obama he sought on "how to do well in life."

Paul Batiste, founder of the Batiste Brothers Band who helped found the school located at the former Live Oak Elementary School, said he's thrilled the students had a chance to meet the First Lady and get a behind-the-scenes look at America's most famous house.

"I can't tell how excited I am that our students are getting this opportunity," Batiste said. "The students have come a long way."


On May 29, 2013, Batiste Cultural Arts Academy® is LEAVING ReNew at Live Oak.  The Batiste Family® is no longer partnered with ReNew.  For information Contact:  Paul Batiste 504-738-3040 and

Batiste Cultural Arts Academy will be renamed, stay in ReNEW network, CEO says


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about us

Batiste Cultural Arts Academy is a Trade Name.  For the past two years, the brand has marketed and promoted schools for the ReNew network.  It’s starts with the name and continues with marketing strategies—Radio, TV and Billboard commercials that feature me.  Furthermore, music programs developed by me.  Also, the long standing reputation of The Batiste Family® and my teaching career, makes for a powerful Brand that has successfully put schools and bands on the map from scratch.

I incorporate my experience of having performed my first show in 1962 as knowledge of show.  I use my challenge of leading the musical family since 1971 as a needed tool.  Having served in the U.S. Army Military Police Company, adds to the value and gives me the knowledge of how important discipline is in all endeavors.  I have a degree in Instrumental Music Education from Southern University at New Orleans and a Louisiana license to teach.  I started teaching at over 15 schools in 1978.  

I am the president and owner of Paul A. Batiste Conservatory of the Arts, Inc. a non profit with a 501 (c) 3.  

The Batiste Brand has delivered to help to bring millions to underserved children in New Orleans.  Schools have received instruments, renovations, materials and supplies to develop programs in the Arts.  Our efforts to raise money and bring donors to the table for children is unprecedented.  

My hands on approach allows me to provide Observation and Student teaching to David, Damon, Michael, Kristopher, Jamal and Ryan Batiste.  I used my degree in education and longtime leadership in the family to provide Professional Development to the entire family.  Now, and for years, we are a driving force in education and entertainment. 

I founded the Batiste Brothers Band®/The Batiste Family® in 1976.  Now, we perform nationally and internationally on Concerts, Festivals, Conventions, Weddings, and more.

It is the goodwill, trust, honesty, and longevity we possess that drives the Brand.

Batiste Cultural Arts Academy is a registered trade name of Paul A. Batiste.  As such, I or no member of my family runs, operates or governs Batiste school.  The physical site is operated by ReNew.  Damon Batiste does not run the school.

Let the Batiste Brand market and promote your school or entertainment.

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Saturday, January 26, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.      Workshop for kids

Contact founder of the Batiste Band and composer of the Freeze album Paul A. Batiste 504 738 3040 or - Damon Batiste does not manage the Batiste Brothers Band®
It's All About the Family - buy it at iTunes

                                   Chapter seven

                                                                Funky Soul

The nineties and later were volatile with lawsuits where we sued for and got the copyrights returned to “Funky Soul.”  The lawsuit verses P.M. Dawn, Isaac Bolden, Island Records Ltd, and others took seven years for them to settle. 

    Along with that one, I sued Miller Beer for “It’s On (The Jam is on)/”Jamizon” and they settled.  It was a very stressful lawsuit.  It lasted for years and it took a toll on me.

    After that, I was listening to the radio and heard another one of my songs.  Only this time it was a brass band version.  The “(Gon’ be Dat) New Orleans Music” lawsuit was settled in 2008 and the Mardi Gras Records, Rebirth Brass Band version of “New Orleans Music” was returned to me.  

    As the idea popped into my head, I composed “New Orleans Music” in 1984.  I noticed that there was nothing to describe the city’s music.  There were terms like “Dixie Land Jazz” and “Traditional.”  Consequently, there was nothing specific to New Orleans, so I thought about the title and melody for a song.  Mardi Gras Records and Rebirth Brass Band had recorded the song without my permission and were sued for copyright infringement.  Not to be mistaken for sueing because someone used the name “New Orleans Music” in a song.  Names are trademark issues.  Lawsuits of this nature is about the underlining melody and accompanying music.

Ideas from the Holy Spirit

I feel, I have a gift to be able to compose songs.  It starts with hearing in my imagination a “hook” that’s complete with words and music.  The rest is composition with form, repetition and contrast.  I don’t write unless it comes to me from inspiration.  

    Lawsuits are not fun.  They take up all your time and the results are sometimes little, but we had no choice but to claim what is ours.  The litigations took a toll and frustrated our efforts to grow in the music industry.  Our music is infringed on all over the world.  A rap group in France (Supreme NTM) sampled “Funky Soul” and we never got a cent from it.  It makes you not want to put music out there for fear of someone stealing it, but I continue to publish because I love to create and perform.  In the meantime, I was sequencing and recording using keyboards and drum machines.  The method used was to record tracks in the Kurzweil keyboard and Roland drum machine.  I took the tracks to Festival Recording Studio and dumped the tracks to ADAT tapes.  Using sequencers, I was able to synchronize and record all tracks of eight songs.  

The legendary Album "Freeze" is on ebay.  Today, get your copy of the world famous Batiste Brothers Band hit of the eighties,,,,Now on ebay.....written by Paul Batiste....featuring the hit....."It's All About the Family"....with "Freeze" and "Dancin' Shoes"

As witnessed by my book—on occasion—I have something to say.  The book I wrote, proves that there is much to talk about.  However, I’m not the one to talk about it—so I thought.  After many years of people telling me to come from behind the scenes and carry the torch.  Meaning, they thought I should be the spokes person for The Batiste Family®.  Well, the time has come for me to except the responsibility of speaking out.  I once said I don’t like to speak and was told I missed my calling.  That’s not a compliment.  

It’s a calling to try to help others by speaking for them.  Today, I want to speak for the Arts.  I have many pages of background speaking for the Arts.  Still, there’s much to be done.  Now, I discovered, I can use the “Pen.”  I don’t consider myself a writer, but I find myself expressing myself through the Arts and writing is another great form of the Arts.

Therefore, from time to time, I will be writing a Newsletter.  I don’t have a format or schedule to write to you, so it’ll take some time for this to become organized.

The subject today—as always—is family.  I have spent many years and words selling the idea of “Family.”  Somehow, I don’t see enough credit going to “Family.”  In 1982, I wrote, “It’s All About the Family.”  It’s a great song, but it seems it didn’t get the attention it should have gotten.  When I conceived it, I thought it would become a million seller.  When it didn’t become an all time favorite, I knew how hard the battle would be.  Nonetheless, I continue to struggle with the concept of total family involvement.  It’s been a mission of mine to show what happens when everyone sticks together.  

Until now, I have had total involvement of the entire Batiste Family®.  I have been complimented on how, I was able to keep them together since 1971.  After decades of trying to hold on to family members, “Times Have Changed.”

Today, I’m announcing the departure of “David Batiste and Damon Batiste” from the Batiste Brothers Band®/The Batiste Family®.  I wish them good luck in there endeavor to “Go Solo.”  Though, I understand the pressures of life to move forward, I will miss their presence on stage with The Batiste Family® and Batiste Brothers Band®.

I have exclusive rights to book the band.  All Rights Reserved

504 738-3040


Paul A. Batiste

Founder of Batiste Brothers Band®, The Batiste Family® and Batiste Cultural Arts Academy@


There are those who would benefit from going “Solo.”  There are great examples of artist who left the pack behind, and I applaud the ambition and talent it takes to go solo.  The hard work and dedication to one’s self for the sake of gain takes tremendous will power.  Now, to clear the air, I must say nothing is wrong with going solo.

In a like manner, there’s nothing wrong with going family.  Family is home.  Though, not always at a house, home can be a city, state, country or a nation.  We all can be a family.  I have written lesson plans, songs and enlisted family members to be family for decades.  It works.  There are many success stories stemming from “home.”  I remember what my college professor once said, “There’s strength in numbers.”  What makes the Batiste Brothers strong is family.  

People love family because they can relate directly to the love.  “Brothers” is “Family” and so are sisters, children and other members.  Even companies can exhibit unity as well as trust.  Organizations have the ability to look sound and feel like everybody belongs.

On the other hand, I know there are differences in missions.  Also, it’s possible for business to come first.  However, if there’s no corruption, then even business can have trust.  

What I’m trying to say is “Keep the Family.”  Those are the lyrics to a song I wrote in 1982.  Decades ago, I knew how difficult my plan for unity among all families would be.  

Let’s keep the hope and desire to be “One” in our goals and missions.  Bands and organization should stick together and try to have the same exclusive members and enjoy the success I have had with keeping the family for 4 decades.


Paul A. Batiste


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Lee's Song written and produced by Paul A. Batiste
 Seductive Recital Youtube

all rights reserved

As the only member of The Batiste Family®  in Louisiana who has a degree in education, I am chosen to  look after the interest of the musical family.  My mother—who passed away in 2007—left me with the responsibility of leadership:

Excerpts from “Memoirs of Paul A. Batiste"


Batiste Cultural Arts Academy® is a registered trade name of Paul A. Batiste doing business as Batiste Family International School®
        FOR BOOKING CALL: PAUL BATISTE 504-738-3040 

Batiste Franchise

Call Paul at: 504-738-3040
I am no longer the Band Director for ReNew at Batiste Cultural Arts Academy
Currently, I have Licensed Batiste to ReNew until May 2013
Damon Batiste and David Batiste are no longer booking for the Batiste Brothers Band®/The Batiste Family®
For exclusive attention and booking call:  Paul Batiste (504)738-3040 or

Getting started with your own Batiste Brand Franchise License is as easy as A,B,C!

  1.   Contact Our Franchise Development Team.  During your initial communication with us we will answer your questions regarding your interest and what it takes to be awarded your own Batiste Brand Franchise License.

        B.   Complete and Submit the Confidential Personal Statement and Franchise Questionnaire.  This is done through the information package and                                      then mailed to our corporate office.

            C.   Schedule a phone meeting with our Franchise Team.  This meeting will allow you to speak with the key people behind our success and will be                                  your opportunity to evaluate the necessary aspects of owning your own Batiste Brand Franchise.

    Why Franchise?

    Franchising has dramatically grown in popularity.  The International Franchise Association reports that growth in the number of franchised businesses is outpacing any other business growth strategy.

    Why is Franchising so appealing?  One main attribute is an increased likelihood of success.  The international Franchise Association estimates that franchisees have a 90% survival rate over a ten year period, as compared to an 18% survival rate for non franchised businesses.

    Furthermore, with a franchise, you are buying a proven business.  Someone else has already made the mistakes and worked out the system.  When you pay the initial franchise fee and the ongoing royalties, you receive, in return, training, a recognizable brand name, and economies of scale with respect to everything from marketing campaigns to purchases.  This facilitates ease of starting hour practice, accelerates startup schedules, and provides ongoing support and networking opportunities.

    Site Selection

    We are ready to assist you in locating a site for your Batiste Brand License.  We have developed site selection criteria that you can use as a guideline in locating your Venue.  While we do not select the site for you, we will be available to help you based on our experience selecting sites for our own establishment.  We will review your site choices and help you make an evaluation based on building criteria, market area, site characteristic and access.


    Plenty people never consider owning their own business because they are unsure of how to operate it.  With a Batiste Brand Franchise, you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We will provide you with plenty of training for you and your staff.  Our training will cover everything from education to entertainment and the Arts.  That’s not all you will receive.  After completing of our 10 day Professional Development (2 weeks) training course, we will also provide you with on going training as needed.  All you have to do is call.  We will also provide you with phone consultation, should you need it.

    -Paul A. Batiste-

    Composer, Paul Batiste has been writing music since the age of 5.  All of the Batiste Brothers Band songs have been the brain child of his genius approach to inventing sound.  The main hits and components of "Funky Soul" was originated by Paul.  The distinctive hits have been used to knock upon entering  a door by the entire Batiste Family.  The guitar rhythm affectionately call the "Chank" has influenced many New Orleans guitarist.  The Warner Brothers 1976 "Chug a Lug" by the Hall of Fame nominee the "Meters" was accompanied by Paul on rhythm guitar at Capital Studios in Baton Rouge.  Musicians were enthralled in Japan when he toured in the nineties.  Also, he, Snooks Eglin, Eddie Bo and Russell lit up the stage at Utrecht Holland's Blues Festival in Europe.  As a teacher, he has mentored the new era Brass bands to record and perform his original "(Gon' be Dat) New Orleans Music."  His compositions are the sound track for the 3 state workbook "Sugar Cain" a bitter sweet legacy by OPSB and is at the Smithsonian.  The lyrics to "Louisiana," his original are next to Langston Hughes in the poem section of the book.  In addition, the Jazz CD "Seductive Recital" was a Smooth Jazz sensation and turntable hit.  The album is a one man band effort using technology and innovation.  All Batiste Brand websites are constructed by Paul A. Batiste.

    I was chosen to lead the family by my mother.  I sacrificed and was rewarded with helping the family.  Now, I lead as the only member of the family licensed to teach music.  I am proud of what people say about the family.  Equally, I am proud of what God has done for me and the children.


    Name your Charter, Private, or Public School "Batiste,"  First in family entertainment and education.  I am the founder and orchestrater.  I can make it happen for you.  I own the federally registered trade name and have the rights to license the name to you.  As the administrator, I will partner the brand with you and your organization.  It's just that simple!!!!  ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CALL ME:  PAUL BATISTE - 504-738 3040  -  THANKS!!!


    Batiste Brothers on You Tube  

    Book the Batiste Brothers Band for your next event.  From weddings to festivals, we are the affordable solution.  Let us plan your wedding entertainment needs.  We can provide duets, trios or a large band.  The music includes dance, party or Jazz.  New Orleans Music is also the Groom's choice.  As well, we offer traditional wedding love songs.  Call the experienced band.  Call the Batiste Brothers Band LLC.  Contact me and I'll be available to serve you.  Paul Batiste:  504-738-3040

    Seductive Recital by Paul Batiste
    all rights reserved

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    The book is the story of my life-destined to serve

    If you are an aspiring teacher, band director, band leader, classroom music teacher, special education teacher, professional guitarist, flutist, composer, arranger, independent record producer, record promoter, promoter, independent record label, sequence programmer, home studio engineer, song writer, booking agent, photographer or a novice, you should read this book. I’m not all of those things, but I have seen them. Over a period of decades, I’ve experienced some things that may help someone. I am a teacher and band director. I have developed skills which combine methods and techniques to conform to today’s advanced students.

    As a band director, I have started music programs from elementary school to high school. In addition, I have routinely started band pro- grams from scratch. Also, I have licensed Batiste, partnered with a charter school and applied for a charter school. Having taught my first class in 1978, I witnessed the evolution of education in New Orleans and the United States. Conversely, I’ve seen some great traditions in education disappear. This book gives one a great insight on where education is now and where it is headed.

    As a band leader, I have managed the Batiste Brothers Band® and others for decades and we have performed nationally and internationally. However, we are a local band. I have spent most of my performing career in Louisiana.

    Another vanishing great set of values are described and examined is the American Musical Family. In this book, we will explore value systems and the pros and cons of having a musical family.

    Finally, gain from the many challenges of the life of a well traveled and coveted career veteran of innovation and creativity. Read this book and learn the nuances and the “ins and outs” of education and show business. It dawned on me as I was completing the book, I realized it is a good way for me to revisit my wonderful life-a calling.


    In 2010, the Batiste Brothers Band played for the "Ladies in Red" for their 10th Anniversary Celebration.

    Look for the Batiste Family on March 7, 2011 at the City of Kenner's Lundi Gras Celebration.

    To Book the band call Paul Batiste at: 504-738-3040 or

    The Batiste Family is Louisiana's largest musical family.  The Batiste Brothers Band L.L.C. is the south’s original funk, soul, rock, jazz and R & B group.  In 1984, I wrote the song “New Orleans Music” to promote the gumbo style personality of a city‘s music. In addition, the band has toured in Japan, Europe and other foreign countries.  So, for professional, courteous, prompt service and well traveled musicians, the Batiste Brothers Band® is the brand name you can count on.  When it comes to music, Batiste is the name you know.  I started the Batiste Brothers Band® in 1976 to honor my mother and father.  John and Estella Batiste are the parents of seven boys.  The band is named after the seven brothers-for the love and dedication our parents put into us.  Go to:
    The Paul A. Batiste Conservatory of the Arts. Inc. a non profit corporation with a 501 (c) 3 has launched the Batiste Family International School of Fine and Performing Arts®.   The Batiste Family International School of Fine and Performing Arts is a federally registered tradename of Paul A. Batiste d/b/a Batiste Brothers Band.  Paul A. Batiste Conservatory of the Arts is a non-profit with a 501 (c) 3, we offer on-line educational consulting services.  For more information contact: or (504) 738-3040.  
    ReNew Charter Management has named the Live Oak Charter: Batiste Cultural Arts Academy at Live Oak.  The School is dedicated to the memory of Estella C. Batiste.  504-487-0737  or
    The Batiste Brothers Band®
    Weddings, social and pleasure clubs galas, concerts, dances, festivals, mardi gras events, conventions events, private parties, birthday parties, children’s parties, retirement parties, talent shows and more.

    If you are planning a wedding, we specialize in the agenda of the event. Starting with the song requested for the bride and groom. Additionally, all cues and songs are delivered with you in mind. The band features, dance music, line dance, ballads and a big party ending with a second line. 

    Or for the traditional Social and Pleasure celebrations, and when doing your Mardi Gras Ball, please keep us in mind.  From “A Pretty Lady is Just Like a Melody” to New Orleans music, we aim to please.  We are also available for main or opening act for major venue concerts. And, we are well known on the convention seen.  Conversely, one might desire a group for a more intimate environment such as a private party. We include jazz and soft music like “Misty,” or “Autumn Leaves,” and we culminate with a well known swing.

    Finally, our tour of Japan included the Kobe Urban Resort Fair and Sunset 99 Live in Sasebo. There is no job too big or too small for the Batiste Brothers Band L.L.C. We welcome your biggest entertainment challenge.    

    For a quiet or an exciting evening of enjoyment or both, choose the band that has the experience to give you a great experience.  Experience is the best teacher.  Get everything you need right here.

    For exclusive booking and immediate attention contact Paul Batiste P.O. Box 74491 Metairie, Louisiana 70033
    Or phone: 504-738-3040 e-mail:

    For service to the community, the Batiste Brothers were recently honored by the Ladies in Red. 
    Paul A. Batiste- leader, composer, guitar, flute and vocals

    He began playing music in the sixties.  In 1965 he performed at the Apollo Theatre Amateur Show.

    He has been an educator in New Orleans for more than two decades. 

    And he is the manager, producer, writer and arranger of the band.

    He is the local 2007 Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year.  And he is the recipient of the Superintendent’s award, Con Brio with service to music.

    Director, Paul Batiste has taught at over 15 schools in New Orleans since 1978.  Batiste is a state certified teacher, guitarist, composer, producer and flutist.  In 1962, he and his family won first place in the St. Augustine High School Talent Show.  In 1965, the family went to New York City for the Apollo Theater Show and won first place.  His Mom and Dad had a vision for the arts. 

    The Batiste Family® is an independent organization an is not affiliated with any other associations.  We work closely with other groups, but we do not have stock in their holdings.  

    Damon Batiste is not the leader of the Batiste Brothers Band®, The Batiste Family®, Batiste Cultural Arts Academy®or Batiste Family International School®.  For information contact: Paul Batiste


    "I am the Chief Creative Officer of the Batiste Brand.  If there is a product you are interested in, please call me.  I offer personal attention to serve you.  Our products have stood the test of time.  Our products include, Batiste Brothers Band®, Batiste Family international School®, The Batiste Family®, and Batiste Cultural Arts Academy®.  Beginning with the family band, since 1971, I have been the administrator of my family's affairs in music.  As the sole composer of the Batiste Brothers Band songs, I have written and published more than 30 compositions.

    I managed and recorded Jonathan, Jamal and Travis as the Batiste Kids.  That act performed every Lundi Gras at the Children's Museum.  Now, they are adults-Pharmacist, UNO graduate and Juilliard graduate.  I have had have Jamal, Ryan Christopher and Lil' Mike working with me as assistant band directors at Batiste Cultural Arts Academy from 2010 until 2012.

    The Batiste Band's first recording of "Starlite" took place in 1976. That session included family members and non-family members. The family members were David, Michael, Peter and Russell.  Later, David's other son Damon joined us in the studio for additional recordings.

    Years ago, when they performed dates, they were accompanied by my mother and father's great grand children.

    By 1978, Damon and Russell would become members of the Batiste Brothers Band.  The Band's world tour would include-with all of these members-Japan.
    Peter's children performs regularly with the Batiste Brothers Band.  They are Quanna and her children.  Peter, Jr. is a rapper.  Also, Micheal's son, Lil Mike is a rapper.  I am proud to say, I have performed at the Jazz Fest with every one of these excellent musicians as their leader.
    Prior to that, and starting in 1962, my Dad and John would managed David and the Gladiators.  After that, David managed the Gladiators.  When I returned from the U.S. Army in 1971, my mother asked me to manage the Gladiators, and I did until 1975.
    David, Michael and I were the family members in the band when we wrote and recorded the 1970 hit single, "Funky Soul."
    In 1976, I founded the Batiste Brothers Band.
    In education, the Batiste Brothers Band has toured all of the Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in New Orleans. Additionally, we routinely accompanied up and coming artists in school talent shows.
    In 2008, I signed an MOU with Paul Vallas and RSD to have The Batiste Family at Live Oak, Elementary School and in 2010, I signed an agreement with ReNew to name Batiste Cultural Arts Academy.
    Finally, for everything from consulting to performing and teaching, contact me and I'll be happy to direct you to your needs."
    - Paul A. Batiste, CEO -
    Batiste Brothers Band, Batiste Cultural Arts Academy, Batiste Family International School, and The Batiste Family are registered Trade Names of Paul A. Batiste:

    For more information:
    Batiste Brothers Band® is a federally registered Trademark of Paul A. Batiste  
    P.O. Box 74491 Metairie, La. 70033
    Hours of Operation: 24/7

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