The Legendary Album "FREEZE" is circulating around the globe as a collector's item.  Many R&B lovers are clamering  to get an original copy of the cut.  The album was released in 1982 and instantly became a turntable hit.  Unfortunitely, that doesn't sell many records.  However, the album has been grandfathered in and stands a chance to claim it's original fame.  "I Can't Get You Off Mind" is a sexy, sultry and sassy blend of funk and soul.  Michael Batiste is the vocalist on the track.  He has experience with major vocolist such as Jackie Wilson, David Ruffin, Spencer Wiggins and more.  Michael's influiences range from the blues to the Beatles.
    "Party Down" doubles down on a reappearence from the past and landed on You Tube.  Secretly, the underground few who embraced the "Freeze" album are celebrating the resurgency.  
"Dancin' Shoes" from the "FREEZE" album: Press Play
Composer, Paul Batiste has been writing music since the age of 5.  All of the Batiste Brothers Band songs have been the brain child of his genius approach to inventing sound.  The main hits and components of "Funky Soul" was originated by Paul.  The distinctive hits have been used to knock upon entering  a door by the entire Batiste Family.  The guitar rhythm affectionately call the "Chank" has influenced many New Orleans guitarist.  The Warner Brothers 1976 "Chug a Lug" by the Hall of Fame nominee the "Meters" was accompanied by Paul on rhythm guitar at Capital Studios in Baton Rouge.  Musicians were enthralled in Japan when he toured in the nineties.  Also, he and Eddie Bo and Russell lit up the stage at Utrecht Holland's Blues Festival in Europe.  As a teacher, he has mentored the new era Brass bands to record and perform his original "(Gon' be Dat) New Orleans Music."  His compositions are the sound track for the 3 state workbook "Sugar Cain" a bitter sweet legacy by OPSB and is at the Smithsonian.  The lyrics to "Louisiana," his original are next to Langston Hughes in the poem section of the book.  In addition, the Jazz CD "Seductive Recital" was a Smooth Jazz sensation and turntable hit.  The album is a one man band effort using technology and innovation.  All Batiste Brand websites are constructed by Paul A. Batiste.
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